Branded Environment Design – How Does it Work?

Branded Environment Design – How Does it Work?

What exactly is a brand? Many people will define it as a collection of emotions and perceptions in the mind of the user or customer that can add value. Having a strong brand can inspire positive emotions among audiences and customers. A brand can be experienced in many different forms. It can include a webpage, television advertisement, an event or experience, or printed collateral. These are relevant and very practical ways of connecting with target audiences, but you need to ensure that you are using your environment as a branded touchpoint.

A branded environment can create a lasting impression on the target audience. One example is Cinderella’s castle located at Disney World. The thought of a tall building with a touch of whim can bring a smile to anyone, and the physical parts like landscaping, smells, the sounds and the staff working at the castle can all add to the experience. The physical experience of the Disney castle is connected to positive emotions and will result in an iconic and effective representation of the Disney brand itself. The same positive emotions can be felt across many different branded touchpoints.

Differentiate your brand from the rest

Not all clients need the likes of a castle to have a successful branded environment. Having a castle can help us to learn how to use the environment more as a tool that we can connect to the audience by gathering up their emotions and creating a memorable experience. A branded environment tends to matter as it will differentiate your brand from the rest and the corporate entities will have an opportunity to make a huge impact. One option is to work with an architect or interior designer to bring your branded environment to life. Whether it is a company headquarters, hotel, local office or retail store; the branded environment will combine the interior design, technology, architecture, graphic design to create a holistic user experience.

The experience will start when the guests first arrive and then it will be carried throughout the building. You need to create a space that will reinforce your brand and reflect the mission and the core values from the layout to the aesthetic, down to the decorative details.

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Immersing customers in your brand

Every different element will help to immerse the customers and guests into the culture.

 By following a strategy and design process, you will help to make your space a memorable experience and the branded environments will help to promote and sell your product or service. Companies spend so much money and time on different advertising mediums, but they tend to neglect the in-person experiences that help to maintain a positive reputation. Don’t leave the company with bland spaces and blank walls and don’t miss the chance to reinforce your brand to new visitors. Organise different designs and aesthetics while you are generating a connection that is created from the branded touchpoints and different forms of communication.

Attract the right people

It is important that the branded environments are effective at attracting top talent to your company. This is especially true for corporate offices. Introduce inspiring and stimulating visuals that can communicate your brand will help not only employees but customers as they will feel they are a part of the important mission. Create a branded environment in order to bring in the customers and raise your profits.