Beauty Businesses That Started In A Garage

Beauty Businesses That Started In A Garage

We often hear the inspiring stories of how Tech Giants such as Amazon and Google started in garages. But few of us know that there are numerous beauty business brands which either started in the home or in a garage. Many beauty businesses, from bridal makeup artists to makeup brands were founded in a kitchen or garage! Some of them are extremely popular in specific parts of the world! It is amazing to see how the flourishing business of today had such a humble beginning; from either an accident or a stroke of genius of an entrepreneur who just set out to do something new. Let us have a look at a brief overview of the business brands that began very small but are great businesses today: 


It was started at a time when hairdressing was slowly taking the wave for hairdressers in Paris. The founder – who is also the famous French Chemist – Eugene Schueller created a hair dye called the Aureole and sold it to numerous hairdressers across the city.  Some say these shampoos were the best option for women with hair extensions, too. The demand for his products increased rapidly because of the positive effect it had on cosmetics. Soon even optical vendors started getting in contact with him as customers increasingly wished for contact lenses that suited their hair colour, for example, honey highlights call for a hazel colored contact lens. Slowly he expanded to start selling shampoos and soaps as well. One interesting fact about Eugene was that he was known to literally taste the hair creams to ensure they had the right efficacy. 

Zandra Beauty 

She is one of the amazing entrepreneurs out there who started making the product she sells at the age of 9! When her father would not allow her to use any lip–balm or makeup, the girl began to make a few herself, at home. She sold the products she initially created, which also included body butter and balms, in local farmers markets. She had tremendous success and the new demand enabled her to establish Zandra Beauty as we see today. 


It is not only single entrepreneurs (or a pair of them) that create the best companies… In fact, there are some amazing companies that have been founded by whole families together! Nudestix is an example of such a family effort. Teen sisters Taylor and Ally teamed up with their mother and a chemical engineer named Jenny, to create beauty products that uplift their own look and feel, in the inherent form that they are. In this brand, you will never find vibrant or bold outlooks, as the objective of their products is to create a finished natural look. 


Here is another interesting story about a young female founder and creator. Elina, who when in high school realized that the beauty products available in the market contained a lot of artificial chemicals. She knew they did not work well with her skin, and had to try other options. She turned to Asian brands which had a lot more organic ingredients, and she loved how it felt when she put them on the skin. Following this, she created a business model for her parents, who are also her investors, to set up her own company that focussed on selling more natural products to the public in her circles or in places where there is a lack of it. Needless to say, it was a success!

Emi Jay 

When the creators of this brand, Emi and Julianne, were in 8th grade, they used to make their own hair ties out of the cloth available at home. The fashion accessories-line which started from there has since expanded to hair accessories and apparel. Even to the extent of consulting which colored contact lenses would best suit each of their hair colour or highlights. They were very passionate about accessories and they used to take inspiration and material from every corner of their home. Most of the inspiration they found in jewellery boxes and fabric stores – with the aim to come up with something creative and new. 

So, these were how the top beauty products, which are sold widely around the world today, were started. If you have a bright idea, do not stop yourself from exploring it.